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    Default What if I Can't Continue in My Present Job

    I am a pet groomer and my Dr. has already mentioned that I may not be able to continue with this. What happens then? Do I get a $$ settlement? Will they pay for me to go for training in another job? Is this one of those things you just have to have a lawyer for? I really have no idea where to start trying to find answers....

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    Default Re: What if I Can't Continue in My Present Job

    Info on AZ WC is here
    Yes, it would be a good idea to consult with a few attorneys...

    There is no guarantee of a cash settlement... WC is about paying those weekly benefits. Once you complete the recommended treatment plan, your Dr will declare you MMI/Max Med Improvement has been reached... you'll be rated for PD, and those benefits will begin... generally a predetermined number of weeks for each % of your rating.23-1044 Compensation for partial disability; computation

    If you cannot return to pre injury job, you may be eligible for VR services... don't look to be provided a 4 year scholarship however... VR generally provides enough training for entry level positions.

    As you can see by the info at the link provided...WC is a specialized part of the law... claims often require litigation in WC court.
    Best to talk to an attorney sooner than later.

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