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    Default Anyone Know Anything About Canice Barnett, Ph.D.

    have an appointment with this doc for Extent of Disability exam with her. Is she fair or bought and paid for by BWC

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    Default Re: Anyone Know Anything About Canice Barnett, Phd

    How would you, or anyone know what is "fair"...there is no such thing in WC.
    PD evaluations are based solely on your condition... "bought and paid for"... that's a thought process by nearly every IW who doesn't get what they think is "fair"....
    PPD ratings are extremely complex issues... IW"s lilke higher %'s because that's what benefits are based on. But, the higher PD %, the more restrictions...the more difficulty your ER faces in bringing you back to your job...or any job for that matter.

    Google this Dr... you're sure to come up with several negative "raves"...

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    Default Re: Anyone Know Anything About Canice Barnett, Phd

    Sorry NW, I haven't heard of that doc yet. I do however know what you mean by the bought and paid for statement, unfortunately I have seen a few of Ohio BWC's best in that category. I actually had Dr. Soni walk into the exam room already filling out my MMI forms. He wasn't even going to examine me, told me "I have no business being here". That was about 3 months before my first fusion. I learned quickly that day you have to ensure you get a good exam. Ask why they aren't doing things your por does. Don't let them cut you off while answering their questions. Nobody else is going to do it for you. If you feel you got a bad exam, report it to the BWC and why you think that way, also send it in a letter to your lawyer. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Anyone Know Anything About Canice Barnett, Phd

    A Doctor once told Me that the BWC did not send Him as many Patients as They used to because He agreed with the Patient more than the BWC.
    I was in the BWC endless loop of Doctors until I was sent to Dr.Barnett and She did not agree with the others that I was not able to return to Work, She said I could return to Work and take a guess Who the BWC listened to.
    All I can say is Hang in There and don't give up. They will try to wear You down and make You give up if They can.


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