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    Default Going to Trial - What to Expect

    Has anyone gone to trial,,what can I expect?
    It's a month from now.......
    Would the insurance co. Offer a settlement right before trial?

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    Default Re: Going to Trial.what to Expect

    The carrier can make an offer to C&R or stip the claim anytime... they wouldn't bother or take the expense of going to trial if they didn't think they were in the right.
    Apparently, you and the ER/IC have not been able to resolve the outstanding issues informally...a judge will do it for you.
    Judge has NO option here but to award benefits, IE. PPD indemnity, and medical. NO cash settlement at trial.
    You can expect to see the judge review the medical evidence, you may be questioned under oath... just like on TV, there will be a court reporter... etc etc.

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    Default Re: Going to Trial.what to Expect

    Trials are handled by attorneys. Get one.

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