Hello all,
I will try not to make this too long but here is my story: I injured my knee last May at work and have been through a nightmare with workers comp! After filing for workers comp I was almost immediately denied my claim for some bogus reason. I appealed their decsion sending in plenty of evidence from the doctors I saw after my injury and even letters from coworkers who witnessed my injury. After 6 weeks off, no answer, and bills starting to pile up, against my orthopedic doctors wishes I returned to work on modified duty. My time off I basically only got to see a doctor, since my claim had been denied I could not get an MRI to figure out the exact problem with my knee. So as time passed I get more letters from these "lawyers" who are working against me in this claim and all their evidence against me. I worked through the pain on a part-time basis since unable to work my job full-time. I got laid off a few days before Christmas due to there being no more work for me until the upcoming Spring. So on New Years eve, my knee just gave out, I visited my primary doctor explained to him all that had happened with my case, he ordered an MRI. After the MRI I found out my injury was more serious then my orthopedic doctor originally thought all those months ago which requires surgery and a very lengthy recovery period. I was referred back to my orthopedic doctor by my primary doctor which didn't do much good because I still had not received a decsion from the workers comp judge at the time. Days later I received a letter from the judges office saying they ruled in my favor. It wasn't but a few days later that I receive another letter from these nice "lawyers" saying they are appealing the decsion. Last week though the insurance company mailed me two checks for the time I missed at work, a card to use for any medical treatment, and a few other papers. I'm not sure if I should cash the checks and be able to use the medical card now that the case is being appealed.

So what should I do and what can I expect? Any help or advice will be appreciated!