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    Default What is the Formula Used when Permanent Partial Disability is Awarded

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of Ohio:
    I was injured in September of 2010. The allowed injury is for two herniated discs.
    In December of 2011 I was awarded a Permanent Partial Disablility at 8% set at 16 weeks.
    My average weekly wage is set at $727.24.
    My attorney had me sign off on a check worth $4133.28 of which he kept 1/3. I was given a check for $2756.90.
    16 weeks multiplied by 727.24 = 11,635.84
    WC Maximum Wage Chart indicates the year 2010 maximum permanent/partial wage set at $423.
    16 weeks multiplied by 423.00 = $6768.00
    Besides the $2674.72, what else am I missing and don't understand? How did the bureau come up with this settlement?
    What formula is used to calculate the PPD payout?

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    Default Re: What is the Formula Used when Permanent Partial Disability is Awarded

    If you take a cash lump sum payment... you won't receive the full value of your PPD indemnity benefits... that money is reduced to "todays dollars"... the law allows this... you could deposit the money in an interest bearing account just like BWC would do...and "watch it grow to the full value".

    You are not paid your average weekly wage, there are min/max rates, as you have found in the charts.
    Your atty should have itemized this, and explained why the amount was paid as it was.

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    Default Re: What is the Formula Used when Permanent Partial Disability is Awarded

    even if the next 16 weeks began today, that large of a reduction is NOT explained by a discounted interest rate to "today's dollars".

    You are assuming that the calculation of your impairment will be the same as the payment.
    there are many reasons why the an impairment calculation may not result in an identical amount of any particular payment.
    without knowing the detailed facts of your case it can't be explained.
    there may be another payment coming or have already been payments.
    there may have been an overpayment of temporary disability or an earlier permanent impairment payment or a lien or a number of other possible deductions, additions, or modifications.

    either your atty or the carrier can explain how the check amount was calculated.
    that doesn't mean the impairment formula used is other then what you understand.
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