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    Default Hand Pain and Tenosynovitis

    I started developing pain in my hands last week, I told my employer who immediately told me I needed to go an urgent care clinic (concentra) to get checked and drug tested? I asked if I could see my own doctor and she said yes but I had to go to this clinic since it was Friday afternoon first. So i saw the doctor whinwas a complete jerk, he raised his voice at me and was questioning me like I had done something wrong. He told me after I explained my symptoms and pain to "get another job" he diagnosed me with Tenosynovitis. I called my employer yesterday morning and I was told I could go ahead and see a y doctor I wanted as long as they accepted wc. I also called the insurance adjuster this morning who said the same. I went to see a different doctor who immediately told me I needed more testing. A few hours later the insurance adjuster left me a message saying if my employer sent me to concentra I had to keep getting treatment from them. When I called the adjuster back she was gone. I don't understand why they would do this? It's obvious that the insurance I am covered under allows me to see a doctor of my choice it just seems like now she wants me to stay with their choice of doctor. What should I do? I called an attorney yesterday who said I should wait to see if I need an attorney or not. It seems like it is so difficult to get some sound advice that doesn't sound like a paragraph taken out of a textbook. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Your

    you need to find out if the employer is using a carrier provided medical network.
    if so you can select any doctor within the network.
    more here

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    Default Re: Your

    I talked to the adjuster today and she said I had to go to where my employer sent me. I asked her if I was in a network and she just repeated I had to go to where my employer sent me first. I told her my employer said it was fine to see my doctor and she finally said then it's fine then. Aren't there rules to this? I get the feeling she just doesn't want to give me all the real info I need. If I was in a network she would have told me I had to choose from this list?

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