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    Unhappy New Doctor in New State Who Determines Final Disability

    i had to move state and finaly found a dr who would except me orthopedic dr , he has stated that i have severe atrophy in my knee and leg put me in intense therapy and say my knee will not be well untill i have knee replacement ,
    witch they cannot due at my age of 36.
    who determines when i reach mmi , who would determine my rating , and do they have to cover my future knee replace ment , i am vey concerned cause i am a stylist and massage therapist , and stand on my feet long hours a day and now can barely walk around my house with a crutch ,
    does my surgeon in nd determine all this or does my new knee dr in wa determine it
    also occupational medicine dr, and work comp therapist attitude is totaly dirffrent from knee dr ,,

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    Default Re: New Doctor in New State Who Determines Final Disability

    As your claim orginiated in ND, the ND court will make the final determination.
    Your current treating phsysician reports will be used, but you should probablly expect to make a trip back to ND for evaluation by a Dr of the carriers choice, IME.

    Medical remains open, based on need. If you cash out... you are responsible for your own TKR.

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