Long story short - Hurt on the job, process has been taking a LONG time; lots of PT, a medical device RX'd for a specific amount of time (DR requested 3 months, W/C only approved 2...), with a follow up at the end of that time - PT requested MORE PT up until I see the DR, however, request for PT was denied (haven't seen the denial letter yet) ATTY wants provider to appeal and then if denied again, he will "send a letter". My concerns are this: 1) There is NO way I can go back to work the way I am now, I've lost most of the progress I gained while doing therapy, now I'll be "therapy-less" for 6 weeks prior to seeing the surgeon. 2) What happens if the surgeon says, "I don't think there's anything I can do for you" - Am I STUCK? Can I go see another DR? W/C seems to have changed their tune since I didn't sign their "180 day prejudice" letter. My MRI has 4 items listed on it that are of concern, but I'm worried the DR won't accept W/C payment plan for surgery and he is just putting me off hoping I go away? My original DR DOESN'T take W/C for surgery (only office visits......) which is why I went to see the "top-notch" specialist. I still have issues going up and down stairs, can't fully weight bear, and getting worse without the PT.