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    Default Possible of Workmans Comp Being Denied

    I guess I'll start from the beginning. In 2003 I was injured on the job. Fell down a flight of stairs and dislocated my left shoulder, tore the rotor cuff and fractured the glenoid rim. Tried therapy for a couple of months. Didn't work had to have surgery. Months after the surgery and rehab. I was released to go back to work. About four months of being back at work I begin to start have problems with my arm. Pain in movement, loss of strength and numbness. The doctor didn't want to see me about the problems I was having. Workman’s Comp. sent me to get a second option. This doctor had an MRI done and found that the first doctor didn't strengthen the repair enough and it retore and now there was damage to the bicep tendon and I would need another surgery. Went in for the second surgery and again after months of rehab was released to go back to work. Never not being without some pain.
    About a year after the second surgery I again started to have problems again. This time my shoulder would lock up and I would have to move it with my right hand to unjam it. The pain sometimes was all but unbearable. It would wake me up at night or made it impossible to sleep at all. Again Workman’s Comp. sent me back to doctor. The second surgeon stated that all he could do was have another MRI done to see what was going on. This MRI was the one with the dye in it. Second visit he said that he couldn't help me that I need a different surgery on my shoulder. Went and seen a doctor in Pittsburgh she stated that and arthroscopy surgery was not going to work do to the damage that was done from the first two improper surgeries. Her and colleges that went over the MRI with the dye and said that I need a shoulder replacement. While having the surgery the doctor found that the rotor cuff was to badly damaged and needed replace also. Now while going through therapy I was aloud to do some light work. While helping another employee on a service call I felt a pop in my right arm/elbow I wasn't doing anything I wasn't aloud to do, I was turning and reaching out to grab a tool while the gentalman cut a piece of drywall out for an acess panel. My therapist and family doctor stated that it was probably due to the stress from over compensateding for the left shoulder. Had to have an MRI done on the right elbow (11/21/2011). When I seen the doctor in 12/21/2012 the right bicep tendon was torn the MRI showed multiple tears and that I would need surgery on it. Had the surgery (1-17-2012) and everything is going fine and I'm back at therapy. Two months after surgery I now have a new Workman’s Comp. Rep. and she is thinking about denying the claim for the bicep surgery. This is the sixth workmans comp. person I have had since the shoulder replacement and all the other reps have understood the situation. I have not been released to go back to work from the shoulder replacement totally for I can not come close to my requirements for my job. Can they denies my claim on this. Any help on this would be great.

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    Default Re: Possible of Workmans Comp Being Denied

    My best advice to you is talk to a competant workers comp lawyer. Such as Atty. Tim Belt who visits this website regularly.

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    Default Re: Possible of Workmans Comp Being Denied

    When you say "she", she wouldn't happen to be Dr. Susan Jordan, would it? A couple of things to say to you, "lawyer up" and Dr. Mark Rodosky, he's the #1 shoulder surgeon in Pittsburgh. Grady

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    Default Re: Possible of Workmans Comp Being Denied

    The case law is very clear that the workers' compensation carrier is responsible for all medical treatment for the work injury, including treatment necessary due to overcompensating for the original injury. If there is any denial of treatment, get an attorney immediately. Don't let them deny you necessary medical treatment.
    Halmon L. Banks, Esq.
    Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Attorney

    DISCLAIMER: This post is intended as general information and advise only. This post is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship.

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    Default Re: Possible of Workmans Comp Being Denied

    The first doctor I talked to in Pittsburgh was Dr. Susan Jordan. She said that I needed a replacement because of the extent of the damage and recommened her assoc. Dr Volker Musahi. He and his whole group are fantastic. After what happened to me I would recommend them to anybody.

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