My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Indiana
I have a pretrial conference at the beginning of April. My AA has sent emails demanding a denial letter or to pay the claim to the lawyer for IC. Still no reply. AA has even threatened fines and penalties. My question is is this what happens typically? They just ignore you? It's been since November that the CA recommended denial. They have payed for nothing. I have witnesses to injury. Will they start paying or will we then go before a judge? How many months for that to happen?im not getting any answers from my AA other than that he will ask for trial at the pre trial conference. This is so frustrating and so actually a few weeks away from possibly going back to the job I love with few or no restrictions. I know every case is different just trying to see if anyone else on here had the IC completely ignore them completely and then be ordered to pay the claim at the ee has been wonderful and claims to not have talked to CA since the day she recommended denial could this be true or could they be lying? Just asking for people's experiences I don't need a lecture about talking to my lawyer.just would have been nice to collect on my STD policy that I've paid for and still am paying for since I've been back at work since early December although not working all my 40 hours. Without the denial letter sent to them they won't pay.why would they break the 30 day rule of sending denial when I can collect that and it will incur fines and penalties on them for ignoring me?