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    Question PPI Rating

    I just talked to my adjuster and was told my PPI rating was at 20%. My permanent restrictions seem very high. I can never lift more than 20 pounds, never bend or twist or push or pull more than 30 pounds. Should I just settle or should I try to get a second opinion and a higher rating? I am in more pain now after my surgery than I was before. What options do I have?

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    you need to think about some other questions before deciding.

    do you know how to get a higher rating?
    have you reviewed the rating report?
    do you know if your rating was done correctly?
    how much higher do you think you can get?
    how much additional money is likely?
    how much work and time will it take?
    is the effort/delay reasonable for the potential increase?
    how likely is a lower rating?

    you can discuss these with a number of work comp attys in your area.

    generally when there is a dispute between ratings the negotiation results in an agreement somewhere close to the middle.

    once you have the facts only you can make the decision.

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