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    Angry Direct Deposit is Late

    Hi All,

    I have not been on here in quite some time.

    Briefly, I tore my Rt. Rotator Cuff in April 2007. I have had 3 surgeries, and finally was diagnosed with CRPS/RSD.

    2 yrs ago, the CRPS/RSD spread to my Left arm. I have been approved for SSD.

    I am still fighting with IC every step of the way; treatments, medications, payments.

    I went to court in January of 2011 and the judge advised that all treatments and meds were to be approved. Well, so much for that. I still wait months for any treatments (blocks); and meds, well they know which ones make me sick if I go off them, so they don't approve those for about a week after I run out.

    This past January 2012, I went to court and the Judge approved my payments to be Direct Deposited, by the end of the month! Yeah, finally (or so I thought), I would get my payments Every Other Week, like I am supposed to, because direct deposit works like that.

    WRONG!!! I still call the carrier, every other week, to which the beotch refuses to talk to me. I then have to call my atty, who never gets back to me. Then I call the comp board and they say that they can't do anything until it is x# of days late. Even Direct Deposit.

    So, here I sit. My DD should have been last Friday, it is now Wed. No money. My bills are so far behind because of this, I am on verge of eviction, utilities being shut off, and my car payment is already w/in 30 days late and payment is due TODAY or it will be over the 30 days and I can't pay it?!!!!

    I got a new caseworker last Summer. She is from Long Island and when I have spoken to her, she tries to intimidate me. I told her that she can try all she wants, it does not work with me. Just as she's a thorn in my side, I am a Bigger Thorn!

    Anyways, is there Anything I can do? Anything at all? Somehow someone has to be able to help. Besides the above-mentioned issues, there is just canned vegs in the house, and hubby is a cardiac patient on 18 meds per day and he is out of some of his meds and I don't have the $$$ to get them?

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Default Re: Direct Deposit - - Late

    Because you have a attorney, the CA is not bound to talk to you.
    You'll have to get hold of your attorney, file for another hearing if necessary, and ask the judge for penalties and sanctions on the carrier for "unreasonable delay'' in paying your benefits.

    It's your Dr responsibility to get prior authorization for any treatment/medication, including refills. Prior to your refills expiring, the Dr should be getting the authorization again. It's not your atty responsibility to get treatment authorized.

    If the carrier is in violation of the court ordered benefits... there should be action taken by the judge. Keep in mind though, any judges order is subject to appeal, by either party.

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