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    Default Re: Participating on Social Sites when Hurt at Work

    Hello Readers, I still find some die hard readers that believe we are living in a perfect world more so when it comes to Social Media.

    If you want to believe it or not We the People have less and less rights as we "progress" into an older Nation. Especially when dealing with any type of ins claim!! Yes again NJWC comes to mind. I found an article @
    written by Arthur Kravitz a WC lawyer w/ Stark. For those who get directed to a page instead of the article simply type in keywords into the search box referencing article seeking, unfortunately when looking up legal decisions one may need to go through them 1 at a time. We are seeing more and more of this these days


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    Default Re: Participating on Social Sites when Hurt at Work

    LOL I truly love that right next to the article they ask you to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and 3 other Social Media sites! The world is other there, I wonder when a judge orders a person to turn over their Password to a site, if he really expects the site to not be wiped clean, or completely deleted first? Opps, sorry, not sure what happened. Anyway, Don't post things you don't want your enemies to see or know, seems like good advice, and common sense. The article mentions a woman who posted a picture of herself outside on vacation and smiling, and a Judge ordered she turn over her password, seems they would asked for credit card, and debit card, and cell phone records. It would be a lot easier to prove she had falsified her claim that she is bed ridden and barely able to ever leave the house. I mean cell phone records they know where you are when the call was made or taken as it is recorded with tower information, and location, and debit and credit cards have time, date and location as well.
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