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    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: PA
    I got a Notice of Ability to Return to Work from the insurance company using restrictions from an IME exam which differs from the current restrictions of my treating physician. Next Dr. appt. is Apr 3 and should be at MMI at that point. Employer just called to say that they received the same notice and they are going to try to put me back to work next week. I have to meet with the safety director on Monday and they hope to have me working Tuesday or Wednesday. My attorney is out the office until Monday and I am hoping to speak with him prior to meeting with the employer. Thought I would post on here just in case I don't speak with him because he also has court Monday morning. My treating physician released me for sedentary duty in January and employer did not have any work that was sedentary. I am still on sedentary duty with him. Wednesday I got the Notice of Ability to Work with an attached physician evaluation form from the IME doctor that also listed I can perform FT light duty work as long as I do not sit/stand for more than 2 hours per day (I agree I might be OK to do that, but again I am not a doctor). In addition it releases me for PT medium duty work (lifting up to 50lbs and frequently lifting 11-25 lbs.) which contradicts his other restrictions on the same form that says I should never lift 26-50 lbs and occasionaly lift 11-25 lbs. Which doctor's restrictions should I use? Can I turn down work that are within the IME doctor's restrictions but not my treating physician? Do I point the descrepency on the medium work out to the employer and voice my objection if the work requires heavy lifting? I really want to get back to work, but I am so confused on what to do. I have a serious foot injury that is going to require additional future surgery and post traumatic arthritis. I still have alot of pain and swelling.

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    Hi, browsing posts and can only speak for me but I would report and meet with safety director Monday to discuss your current restrictions and willingness to cooperate and be honest about your need to discuss any new recommendations with your treating doctor and attorney (hopefully they can give you some time off Monday to do this). I would not be lifting until then! I returned with restrictions and job required more than I was suppose to do and I suffered increase pain and after a few days and prayer I decided to be assertive and say, with my current restrictions I can't continue to do this for it increases my pain and swelling so will have to stop now.....this took a few times saying but eventually they got it and respected the restrictions.....eventually I got worse and now out of job but I'm sharing to say to be assertive and explain you can work within original restrictions until new is reviewed with treating doctor, let them know you appreciate their understanding!

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