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    Angry Repeated Surgeries, All Failed

    I hurt my left shoulder joint in 2008 - torn biceps tendon, labrum & rotator cuff. Had surgery that was unsuccessful requiring another surgery to repair the injuries again. After the 2nd surgery the Dr. (#2) left an anchor unattached floating around requiring a 3rd surgery to repair the RC. I went back to work for about a year in a "created" job that was rumored to be in the process of being phased out. My shoulder deteriorated to the point of needing yet another surgery in 2011 (4th). That was a complete and utter failure & I now can barely use my L arm. Dr. says see a specialist at somewhere like Cleveland Clinic, IME agrees to my wife & I face to face and writes something completely different on report. Now Comp carrier wants me to get an IME with a physical medicine Dr. What does anyone suggest that I do? I do have a lawyer, but Comp carrier threatened me with stoppage of benefits today if I didn't go to the IME (2nd one in 3 months). HELP!!!

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    Now Comp carrier wants me to get an IME with a physical medicine Dr. What does anyone suggest that I do?
    Go to the IME, no biggy.

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    play their game your doc will win if he says what he thinks need to be done.
    if you dont go your done lawyer should have told you that

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    According to Michigan law, the workman's comp company has the right to have you go and see the IME doctor for a "second opinion". According to my lawyer, he says that he'd be shocked if the IME doctors have ever seen an employee actually injured by something that happened on the job.

    You have to go or it will look like you're milking them. It sucks going, I've been twice and I've been on WC for 15 months. I'm actually surprised they haven't sent me more. But when I started swinging the words, "I have a Lawyer," they stopped dorkin' around with me. I haven't been able to go a doctor in over 5 months which ticks me of since I'm not married and my insurance was canceled due to my inability to pay.

    Good Luck!

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