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    Default PPD or Settle with a Lump Sum


    I got a work related injury with my shoulder and neck two years ago in Nevada. After two years' treatment, the insurance company said they want to settle the claim with one time payment. I don't know if I need do a PPD rating or should I accept the offer without PPD rating? I consulted a doctor, he said he would estimate the rate is around 6-8%. Can someone tell me how to calcuate a lump sum compensation in Nevada?

    Do I need an attorney? Thank you

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    Default Re: PPD or Settle with a Lump Sum

    The State of NV provides IW's with attorney assitance... contact the WC office nearest you. (the State WC office, not your insurance carrier) They will help you with your quesitons. NV PPD is complicated, and you should know going in... it doesn't amount to much either.

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