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    Default Travel Expenses and Refusing to Travel

    I had surgery on my right arm almost 3 years ago under l&i and my claim is now reopened. My voc dr has sent my records to over 10 surgeons in my area for possible treatment options and none of them will treat me. I will not go back to the original surgeon and their office refuses to see me also. my case manager has approved for me to travel across state for treatment since we cannot find a local surgeon. My question is two does travel expenses work? my understanding is that i have to pay everything then wait to be reimbursed, but i am a single parent with only time loss as my income, i cant afford to be out $300-400 for any length of time.
    Second question, what if i dont want a second surgery because the dr only says it "might" help? what happens if i refuse the treatment or i refuse to travel since i cant afford it?
    thanks for any advice

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    Default Re: Travel Expenses / Refusing to Travel

    Google map the distance from your home to the provider, request a reasonable travel advance. No reason for you to pay out of pocket in this instance.

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