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    Default What Happens at a Pain Management Consultation

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    What happens at first visit? I have a nerve causing pain in my leg from a back injury of 3 bulging discs also PT says could be tight pirifomis muscle or si joint?i have been to a chiropractor for 19 treatments with muscle work which improved but not completely taken away the back pain however the leg stays fired up-hurts walking or sitting.Just wondering if they'll give only information, do tests to find out why or actually treat the issue? PT said something about injections or epidural to lessen the pain that is limiting my life.Currently on Lyrica 75mg 3xs a day and Norflex 100 mg 2 xs per day. I weaned off of Nucynta because it's a narcotic and I don't like that type of med These meds dull the pain but not enough. have added Tylenol and ibuprofen daily. Chiropractor says that injections cover pain and I will just reinjure and then they wear off. I just want my life back.

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    Default Re: 's About Pain Management Appt

    Hello they will attempt to get injections authorized cld take some time, they may try to help you with your pain with other meds, if your against narcotics, then I know for me I am on lyrica 100 3 times a day, it s helpful a lil bit but keep in mind the nerves in my case are impinged and the only way for me at least to get the surgeon to go in and remove the collapsed discs, and herniations I have. I am allergic to NSAIDS, so the inflamation in my spinal cord is just getting worse. Hopefully once you get injections they may or may not work, but its worth a try. I am taking Opana which is hydromorphone type of med, sounds scarier then what it is, honestly I also take vicodin, without these meds I would not make it daily, even with these meds my pain level never really goes below a 7, generally I am 8-9. But the pain management docs at least the one I have been to do care more than your avg w comp doc, they want to help you try to get some semblance of normalcy just be open minded and honest. I know that nerve pain is not no joke I understand some of what your going thru good luck !

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