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    Default Getting Treatment for Pain at the E.R.

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: ohio
    if your haveing trouble with workers comp and have allowed conditions and are having pain go to hospital er and tell them to bill it to wc.wc is a very slow process and i have found to talk to my lawyer and doc to save time alot of times they dont know whats being posted to your claim.(just helps speed up the slow process)if your lawyer wont communicate with you make a appointment to speak with them.also goto your states workers comp web site and look up rules as they apply to you in your situation.wc will take forever and you will likely loose everything and wont make alot of money on it so beware......just get your self fixed and fight all the way dont give up. your work insurance company dont care about you the want to keep everything cheap and they almost always try to keep you from needed medical you need .....get a good lawyer ....they dont get paid much and do alot of paperwork for you.a supporting doctor is highly recommended he can make or break you.there are alot of people who answer question very good on here....this is just some things i learned to help out

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    Default Re: Getting Treatment for Pain at the E.R.

    Someone else on this forum also suggested if you need to, keep going to hospital ER's with symptomatic pain if WC/docs won't act. IC's get really irritated by being forced to shell out for almighty and very expensive emergency room visits. Not-for-Profit Hospitals can't refuse you care like reluctant doctors afraid to stand up for you against WC can. You won't be getting any expensive testing done like MRI's unless its critical to your life. They may take an x-ray or two and give you a pain/anti-inflammatory shot, say see your doctor asap and send you on your way, but its been officially documented you were in medical distress by a neutral party.

    1. Don't ever drive yourself to or from the ER. They ask if you have for a reason. If you are in too much pain it's not a good idea anyway. You are not paying attention to the road. Think of the other guy.
    2. Don't go just because you can. Think of the other sick people waiting to be seen.
    3. Always tell them the visit is/may be WC. Not informing them might be construed as fraud.

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