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    Default Long Story As Short As Possible

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Illinois

    Hello all, It was around 10 pm at night when my injury occurred. I was alone in the back of the building at night with very poor lighting driving my forklift to the big hoppers that are there so that I can dump off my load of metal shavings from my hopper on my forks to the big hopper that is stationary outside. I pulled up to the hopper, raised my forks and tilted them down over lip of the big hopper in order to dump them than I put my fork truck in park and got off in order to hit the lever that releases load to dump. I watched the load dump and I know that is is done usually by the lip of the hopper tilting back as to it being done from dumping its contents. so I back up my fork truck and place the little hopper on the ground and then get off fork truck so that I can grab the back of my hopper with my right hand and the lever with my left hand in order to make the area where they meet latch into the bottom bar on the hopper.The hopper that I had on my forks had a faulty latch/lever system on it. Well when I motioned down with my right hand the next thing I know is that it came down so fast it smashed my left side of my head into the mast of the forklift and the right side of my head smashed from the impact of the hopper. I was pinned at this point with continuous pressure on both sides squeezing my head like a vise grip. I had realized that I was starting to pass out and I was screaming help and know one was hearing me. I then realized I had my cell phone in my pocket, which I only had because we just had our first break and I failed to put it back in my locker, I then dialed 911 and got a hold of them to send the ambulance to me,my address etc.. While I was on the phone with 911 my phone dropped signal and I tried reaching for it because I had set it on wheel well of fork truck , I was in process still of passing out and I knock it on the ground out of my reach into a puddle of water. It was a total of around 30 minutes plus of waiting for them to find me out there. When they found me all I remember is telling all the paramedics and a millwright as well as my boss to please help me, they were able to all put pressure on the lip of the hopper to release my head. I was then taken to the hospital and found that my ear had to be sutured back on, as well as tremendous swelling around the band of my hand, but they did a CT and no major issues came about. I was released from the hospital about 6 hours later and returned to work to do a drug test and fill out a accident report. Obviously the drug test was negative. I was off work that day from the injury ,but was called by my employers on site MED Core to inform me at 7pm that night that i HAD to go down to Physicians immediate care to be treated for teh incident. SO I went down and seen a physicians assistant she talked to me asked me how I was feeling etc.. and then told me she wanted me to comeback in the morning as soon as they opened, this was do to my job wanting me to get back to work asap. Well I went back to work for four days light duty in office and then had Christmas off for about 10 days,everyone did. I had a total of 4 appointments with this assistant and on the last one she asked me how I was feeling and at that time I told her I was having headaches ,but I guess I can return to work, Keep in mind I had not done anything physical because of being on holiday break . so teh last day off break she tells me that I am cleared to go back to work and so I did. I get back to work and on the first night I noticed a severe headache,blurred vision, shakiness,fatigue issues hampering me and it continued on to the next night that it got so bad I was vomiting from the pain of the headache. So that 2nd night back to full duty I go to onsite medical staff and let them know and asked them if I should go to physicians immediate care to be treated again because of the injury and this is where the problems start. The lady tells me after calling her supervisor that I was released back to work from that injury and I would have to seek my own medical attention, do to that fact. So I did,went to ER was treated by doctor and went home. The next day problems continued and I went and seen my family doctor and and he wrote me off work etc. I then was referred onto a neurologist who did blood test,vision test,CT scan again and finally a MRI with contrast. He had told me he was doing this to eliminate any other causes in my body for my head issues. During this period my job for the first month was denying any workman comp medical or pay because they said I had to relate this problem to the head injury that thier physicians assistant released me from.So I went out and obtained a lawyer so that I could serve them with notice of work accident etc..Then I receive a letter in mail from insurance company stating they will pay medical and if I am losing work do to this injury let them know. Well they started paying my medical ,but still no work comp pay. after 2 1/2 moths I receive a letter telling me that they want me to go to a IME doctor to be seen if I am fit to work or not,so I go down there and asked questions and told to leave. Two weeks later I receive a letter in mail from my job saying that that doctor said i can return to work with no restrictions and I am to report immediately with in like 3 days. So,sorry for the long story and poor grammar,but like I said earlier ,what i do not understand is how come it was 2 1/2 months after they received a notice of accident and not able to work that they decide to then send me to a IME doctor, and off course this hired gun quack says I can go to work, and this whole time NOT PAY ME A SINGLE DIME OF WORKMAN COMP PAY, but pay my medical after a bit of trouble. Here I sit with no money , a letter now saying that I have to return to work in like 3 days,two of my own doctors who have me off work and on medications, and do not know what my options are and a lawyer I can never get a hold of. I also failed to mention after somewhat proof reading this is that I have PCS, from the accident, Post concussion Syndrome, and also the reason why the hopper came down so fast is because there was packed in metal shavings still in close to half of hopper,but do to the fact it was dark and to tall to look into to see if it was empty, and being fooled by the hopper coming back after dumping them ,as to say it was empty, is why it came smashing down on my head. I was never written up at work or at fault for accident by the way. I have been forced to sell my car in order to pay bills, groceries, take care of my family stuff. I am now completely depleted of all finances and Do not know what to do! ANY advice would help please! Sorry for the long paragraph,poor grammar and run on sentences!

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    i would find another lawyer fast

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    hey sick 1st I am so sorry about your accident, as far as your atty is concerned his dumb A?? i dont know if there is a way to go down there. but you are in contract with them so it s not just easy to drop him, because you cld wind up in a pissing contest he"ll talk then when he is telling you he needs his 25% believe they trump up charges real fast, maybe try another paralegal in his ofc, you have to have a designated doctor put u at MMI at some point you will start recg your w comp benefits. if your doctor tells you to stay out of work u need to listen to them, I went to a new lawyer today to try and help me with my social security since workers comp claim is so F"D up right now, she just kep't telling me keep up with your treatment no matter what happens, as far as taking care of your family unfortunately pride is a gift we can no longer afford you need to start applying for whatever you can get, if your company offers FMLA TO COVER JOB FOR UP TO SIX WEEKS do it, FOOD STAMPS, SSDisabilty, I"m in texas and there are certain catholic churches that dont care about what faith you r only that u need help I actually had one pledge keep me from getting my lights turned off. Believe me I understand the feeling of employer/w comp carrier trying to bully us. but if you dont listen to your doctor and go back to work and pass out or whatever u cld be worse, I wld go ahead and apply for SS now because they might be able to help get your w comp atty pull his head out his??? unless he is out and you just dont know. good job in hangin to get your medical covered u never mentioned what neurologist said did they back up what initial pcp said? you need to make sure if they did copies were sent to your carrier any new tests u get just call whomever did the test to make sure they sent to your w comp carrier since your lawyer is out of pocket right now. so the w comp folk are sayin come back to work if your doctor backs you up then your cool, if not go back for 1 hour 1 min as soon as the symptoms come back your out, r u still on overnight shift ? if not day shift its easier to step out without building up more Emergency room bills. do you PTO paid time off you cld cash in ? God bless you and your family I have a back injury for the last 2 yrs and slowly but surely deteriorating by the day, without my supportive husband I don't what I wld do but don't give up.

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    I had a head injury last year as well, went to ER, then denied treatment, took many months to even get a wc doctor, I did not know I could have used the ER as a "doctor" but was in so much pain I could not even get out of bed.....I have so many problems like you describe and more. I have not received a dime from WC for ANYTHING, mileage included, utility shut off notices, borrowing money from family so we do not lose our home, food stamps you name it. I hold my head high but with an huge amount of hatred and anger, I just go to the doctor get the usual shots in the head and continue to decline from lack of treatment. I do think my doctor is on my side however, at least I can only hope. Try every charity you can think of for help, call 211, LIHEAP, your utility companies can help put you in the right direction too.

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