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    Default Frustrated with It All

    I've tried to maintain, for the most part, a positive.. the glass is half full.. there's a silver lining.. type outlook through this Claim and I am frustrated beyond all belief today. The IC is a joke, my Attorney is.. not even sure what word I should use for him and my Doctors office is incompetent.

    I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right and I was correct. I sat down with my Attorney today, needing a face to face instead of emails with the paralegal, and was shocked by the info he showed me. He hasn't received ANYTHING from my Doc or the IC since NOVEMBER. 4 months! He says 'Well we had the AME and the doc (my doc) sent a report contesting it, though its not detailed enough for me to do anything with in court, and I assumed since you were marked P&S that you hadn't had anymore doctor visits'. I had a hell of a time (can we cuss? if not I'm sorry won't do it again.) controlling my anger. Why did no one from his office contact me to see if all of a sudden 'stopped' going to the Doc? Pretty sure I emailed the paralegal and him about the delay (yet again) on one of the Doc's requests. OH and the Doc.. his office or him I don't even know who is supposed to do it.. hasn't sent a report in since late November? I'm sure the IC has received reports otherwise Doc doesn't get paid.. but all of a sudden my Attorney isn't being copied? Why didn't my Attorney reach out to the Doc if he needed more clarification on the Docs report contesting the AME results? Is he not allowed to?

    I feel like I have to follow up on everything with everyone. Isn't the Doc supposed to be following some damn guideline? Isn't the Attorney supposed to be protecting me and acting in my best interests (which is also his if he wants to get a decent paycheck). I mean what the heck!

    Had to vent. I know yall understand all to well Workers Comp frustration.

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    Hi PainandSmiles,

    I hear you on the keeping it postive and that is really hard. It is crazy when you are injuryed to have to worry about not getting better but all this stress with the Attorney and the IC and there doctors. I wont go into everything but I had a two injury on my job and trusted my ER way to much. He never reported it to the IC so long story short its been over a year and I have never had any TDB threw workerscomp or Medical they deined everything.I have had 4 major back surgerys 2 where emergency surgery.

    I am just getting ready to go for the second part of my Trial I have had no income and cant work and my laywer acts the same way. Like this is the way it should be no food no money cant support your family , but you should only worry about recovery thats allmost impossible. It is not fair the way things go. Just rember so many of us out there going threw some kind of situation. Hopefully one day it will change. Until then keep your head up and try to stay postive thats one thing no one can take from you thats who you are. Rember God gives us what we can handle just say a prayer.

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    i been doing every possible thing to get what i need for the last 6 years.
    telling doc whats up and the lawyer............they wont do it for you.
    if you set back and let time fly by they think your ok.
    no emergency room visit or to doc tells them your ok..............
    you have to manage your comp claim and it really bad but no one out side of this forum will tell you that.
    just keep fighting .........change lawyers or what ever you see fit to do

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    Thanks you two!

    I knew this forum would understand more than anyone how I was feeling.

    I feel a lot better today. Mainly because I now know what has been going on and have plans to follow up with all involved to get things corrected and on a better track.

    Someone in the forum suggested not 'micro managing' my case and thats what I did.. look what that got me! So from now on I will be following up and following my instincts to make sure something like this doesn't occur again.

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