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    Question Withholding Treatment for Doctor Care

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Tennesse

    I was injured on the job about 7mo's ago, I had been taken out of work thru that 7mo period.
    I have disc slippage and tears in back due to injury.
    now they are returning me to work with no restrictions per my "shoulder Dr" saying so.
    they have withheld me from going to pain mgmt and PT which I was refereed to by physiotherapist.
    after he got mad when I told him his injections didn't work.
    well that was about 3 mo's ago and now they want all my medical reports 10 yrs past.
    and will not allow me to go to pain mgmt or PT.
    I feel this is withholding treatment for my care.
    Oh and any Physch evals or drug addictions I may have had in the past/present.
    Can anyone tell me if this is withholding treatment please thanks.

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    Default Re: Withholding Treatment for Doctor Care

    got a lawyer?

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