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    Default Hurt During a Medical Test

    I was hurt during a test ordered by my PTP. I needed medication for this and Wk Comp IC didn't pay for it. I had to miss two afternoons of work last week (for emergency dr. appts). I have lost full use of this body part during the last week, and it continues. Do I have a new claim? Do I just use my own insurance? I do not want to follow up with the doctor that hurt me. Where do I go from here?

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    Default Re: Malpractice- New Claim

    You can change PTP at any time... select a new Dr in the MPN.
    You said you were injured during a test the PTP ordered though, not by the should discuss the issue/injury with your PTP, s/he would document and request treatment/meds etc through the UR, you shouldn't be paying out of pocket, or using your own insurance for treatment to a work related injury, or compensable consequence due to the test/injury.

    Not malpractice though. These things happen sometimes.

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