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    Default Time Limit After OTOC

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: California

    The judge ruled a OTOC to allow me to present the additional research for the QME as well as the defence attorneys and seek new councel. What
    is the time frame that I have for this?
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    Default Re: Time Limit After OTOC

    Shouldn't be any timeframe...once you provide the QME with the additional info, get the supplementary report, if there is a dispute, you refile for the hearing to get on calendar.

    Where is your attorney?

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    Default Re: Time Limit After OTOC

    My attorney wanted to dismiss my case and I wanted to proceed further so she decided to dismiss herself from my case. Why? She said it was to hard to prove my injury was work related. I think otherwise. The judge had the opportunity to close it but he didn't. he object to closing it. He did a OTOC to allow me to provide additional info as well as seek new council.
    After reading alittle of my records as I discussed in a different thread, I'm finding out alot of interesting info....not only on my attorney but their attorneys also. The correspondences between them leads me to believe It's me against the big dogs, if you know what I mean. That's why she bailed on me. My attorney gave me EVERYTHING. No copies. All original papers, records, letters, etc. she had included someone else's info. Don't think she's aware of that. BvIa, I really appreicate your info. Thank You!
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