I am new to this board and just need some general advice. I was in a MVA at work in which me and my co-worker were hit by another driver and I hit my head very hard on the window. I was never checked for a concussion at the ER after the accident, and I attempted to go back to work a few days later. Between the migraines and cognitive problems I was having, I quickly realized that I needed to get some help and that I could no longer perform the functions of my very demanding job. I called the WC adjuster and they made an appt. for me at an urgent care facility and I saw a general doctor there that diagnosed me with a concussion and some contusions. They referred me to a neurologist. The nuero sent me for an MRI and CT scan which came back normal. I am still having post concussion symptoms and he prescribed me some anti-anxiety meds and wrote a prescription for me to have a nuero-psych evaluation which may result in cognitive therapy. He said that my symptoms can persist for months. All I can say about symptoms of PCS is that I would much rather prefer a broken bone or stitches than being in a constant mental fog and state of confusion with headaches and emotional outbursts.

I have secured a WC atty already because I am very vulnerable due to my condition and I do not want to be taken advantage of, but now i am starting to wonder who is taking advantage. I was warned by everyone about WC but so far WC has not given me any problems with appts, and I have started to receive a bi-weekly benefit check. Not sure if they are going to cover the nuero-psych evaluation but the appt is booked nonetheless. I had asked my atty to follow-up and provide me with an answer as to when I would be getting a check since my bills had started adding up, and he said he would, but he never got back to me and I had to end up calling the IC to find out when I would get my first check. He told me not to talk to them but I had no choice. When I called him last, I spoke with a secretary who told me he filed a "claim petition??" which I don't even know what that is about. Also, since the accident was the fault of the driver who hit me, how will this be pursued with WC and my atty? Is that why they are not giving me a problem yet because they will recoup all of their costs? I have already been contacted by a recovery specialist from the IC who asked me if I plan to file a suit and I told her to call my lawyer. The biggest thing for me is what to expect in terms of treatment with a post-concussion case? I may "look great" but my life has literally turned upside down because of this accident. Thanks for any advice