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    Default What Happens at a Worker's Comp Trial

    Hi Everyone,

    I need advice. My second part of my Trial is coming up.This isnt a Trial for settlement its just to get my TDB and Medical.ITs been a year allready and my workerscomp hasnt paid for anything.My Attorny called me to tell me that the IC wasnt going to Postpond it again and that My ER wont be there again he is on vaction. So how is a Judge going to make a descion? I was told by the Judge my first time there with my attorney and the IC attorney after I was questioned that the next time I come back he will make his desicicon.

    Does anyone know if that would be true? Or am I going to go again and the IC attorney is going to question only me like a Depostion. I dont get why they just didnt do a Depostion first. My god was does this take so long. Please give me advice does anyone think I will finially get a desicion on this second part of my Trial

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    Default Re: What is Going to Happen

    there is no set procedure that has to happen; each case has it's own circumstances.
    whether the judge will reschedule the hearing or not and whether there will be a decision is unknown.
    whatever happens either you or the employer can file an objection.

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    Default Re: What is Going to Happen

    Thank you i hope its just over soon

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