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    Default When to Expect a Court Date for Settlement

    Hello everyone. Hope all is well. right index finger was injured at work. Had surgery, went to rehab, and no longer see the doctor. That is MMI yes? Talked to the insurance lady about settlement and have agreed on an amount. She told me the next step is signing a contract and going to court. I assume this is the IL commission court everyone has to go to.

    My question is....when should I expect a court date? What is the usual wait for a case with no layer involved. My incident was on july 12th of 2011, and its coming up in a few months, could they be stalling for some reason?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: When to Expect a Court Date for Settlement

    IL claims come up in rotation... every 90 days.
    You should be at least consulting with an attorney BEFORE you accept any settlement offer to close the claim.

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