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    Default How to Reopen a Workmans Comp Case That Was Handled Poorly

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: NJ. I was injured at work two times within a year at work, once when a large factory door was pulled down on my head by a coworker jumping up and hanging on the rope to close it , he was wearing head phones and did not see me exiting caring construction was dark also I felt the hit and saw stars but also felt my body heating up from head to toe, was takin to a medicial place and was checked out , xrays of my head showed no fracture or alarming defects, concusion was determined, sent back to work, a couple of months passed and the head achs and neck proplems started and I returned to a medical place were after neck xrays was givin a tens unit and theorpy and told I was to continue theorpy , while being sent to one doctor after another with the runaround and mental proplems that it was creating due to not being treated or being treated as a fake, I then injured my lumbar spine lifting the 60lb boxes of plates and heavy 6ft rollers, so now I am dealing with my head neck and back being injured , after feeling like I was not being treated fair I spoke with a lawyer and he said he could help, I did get a mri of my brain showing a a lot of askiemic gray matter, also an mri showing damage to every section of my c spine and also a mri of my lumbar spine showing again damage to all sections of lumbar area, workmans comp was sending me to get steriod injections in my neck which did nothing and holding my head upright was not something I could do without more pain this went on for years, I was unable to walk with out draging my leg or think clear due to the pain ,This was a nightmare so I went to my doctor for treatment, I was told there was a quarter size dics fragment sticking in my siatic nerve and the sergeon was not willing to say what caused it but if I wanted the use of my leg he could remove it, my doctor my insurance, my pocket , workers comp and my lawyer had stoped treatment so I received the ok from my health insurance and the sergeory was done , A horrible night leading into a horrible day when the nurse pulled out the cath I think she forgot to deflate it prior, the pain was agoney and there was no way I was able to PP and needed to ,that is if I wanted to be released so I just left , no one even noticed, so 7 years later my lawyer sent me a letter to show up at court, he was the worst , the whole day went by and he kept thowing numbers and telling me things I did not understand and I just asked him if he was doing the right thing for me and he said yes , I beleive know that was not true, I had to to my knowledge drop the lumbar injury and settle on the cervicai and settle to receive further treatment , I was in pain, unable to think straight and my lawyer said he was doing what was best for me so I reluckitly answered the questions as instructed to and was awarded some money in which I had to pay for the lumbar sergeory ,lawyer fees and court fees and other things , it was a few weeks and I received a check, now I was to be able to get treated , not the case ,I phoned the insurance company and was told I received maximum treatment although the judge said I could, phoning the lawyer i was told you have to wait, its to soon, what the heck is going on ? so just being able to make it through a days work I again went to my doctor and a spine facilitly for treatment , was rushed into sergeory on both my lumbar and cervicial spine only to be in about the same shape , I had to return to work due to the back premiums for health insurance were mounting up and my employer kept reminding me of this , I returned to work and was laid off after 4 weeks and I am a mental and physical mess, I do not know who to trust and fear I ruined my chances to find another job, I am asking myself if the judge even knew what happened as this was switched to that and so on , my lawyer was having his own life issues that he was dealing with I found out after and I think he was just looking for a payday, Is there any place or person to turn to that could guide me for a solution to this nightmare

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    Default Re: Do I Need Legal Help to Reopen a Workmans Comp Case That Was Handled Poorly in th

    complaints about atty and judical ethics can be handled here:

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    Default Re: Do I Need Legal Help to Reopen a Workmans Comp Case That Was Handled Poorly in th

    can't help answer your questions but if I may recommend in the future you use the proper punctation. Your post was very difficult to read as it is one long sentence. Not sure what your ultimate question was.

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    Default Re: Do I Need Legal Help to Reopen a Workmans Comp Case That Was Handled Poorly in th

    And don't post using your real name. Assuming that is what you have done, the opposite side of your case has possibly already read your post and will now follow it.
    The North Carolina Court of Appeals has held that "In contested Workers' Compensation cases today, access to competent legal counsel is a virtual necessity." Church v. Baxter Travenol Labs, Inc., and American Motorists Insurance Company, 104 N.C. App. 411, 416 (1991).

    Bob Bollinger, Attorney at Law

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