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    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: louisiana-recieve comp check on the 8th that i returned to work on the 2nd of the one told me not even the doctor/saw doc on the tenth of the month he said he had release me for work. called worker comp lady at work.stated she new nothing about it/will get back with me. called again on the 12 . told i had to fill out new resume. done that . im in there system as an active employee/but they are not giving me a job or given me a pink slip. how long can this go on

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    if your employment is covered by FMLA, you have 12 weeks of job protection.
    if they are not putting you back to work file a complaint.
    more here:

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    You would know if you were on FMLA... you would have filled out the forms.
    If you didn't... you are not covered under FMLA at this time.

    Call your Dr, find out where the release form is.

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