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    Default Do You Have the Right to See an IME Report

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Wyoming

    Ok i had an IME done on February 15th, now my CA had been sending me out my TTD checks for march different then normal she would pay me from the 1st till the 10th then if she hadn't received the ime report she would send out the 10-15th pay after the 15th, she explained she was doing it this way that way i wasn't over paid and be required to pay anything over my rating back!

    So today i call her to check and see if she had received the report yet. She said they had and it was being reviewed, and she was issuing my check for the full 1-15th amount. She also said i would gwt a copy of the report and a explanation of benefits?

    So why would she be afraid of over payment, but now she isn't?

    I also found out today that the Dr that did the ime can't fax me anything about the exam even thou my employers LTD insurance cut me off in February because of not having the IME report to show my temporary disability? Do they have to show me the report or do i need to wait another two weeks to get it from workmens comp?

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    Default Re: IME Legal

    there may be evidence of additional disability benefits.
    I assume the carrier paid for the report so it's theirs.
    if you don't want to wait; you can file legal action and subpoena it.
    you also can get your own report at any time at your own expense.

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    Default Re: IME Legal

    Received a letter today from my CA that states that on February 15th i was givend an impairment rating and after review on 4-16-2012 they can no longer provide TTD benefits after April 17th?? But it doest say anything about PPD or a % or anything about being MMI? Is this normal or should i finally find a Lawyer?

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    Default Re: IME Legal

    There is no "normal" in WC...all claims/situations are unique to the facts of your claim.

    YES... consult with a WC attorney...sooner than later.

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    Default Re: IME Legal

    Received a copy of the IME report todat, doctor lists me at 2% whole body which will be paid at $2887. His report also states i shouldn't have any work restrictions even though my primary doctor has set some pretty strict guidelines! So confused so know the search for a lawyer in Wyoming that will work with someone living out of state

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