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    Question Anterior Herniated Lumbar Disc

    Searching for articles on ANTERIOR HERNIATED LUMBAR DISCS. I'd appreciate if anyone can provide a resource link. Thanks...

    Can't seem to locate much info on it . Based on what I've researched so far, these are considered rare and difficult to diagnose. Reading radiologist didn't see it/mention it on my MRI report. A Chiro pointed it out....and a MD confirmed it.

    I'm wondering if the radiologist can review the MRI again, measure this obviously LARGE HERNIATED DISC and add an addendum....

    Anyone ever request a radiologist re-read a study?

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    Default Re: Anyone Heard of an Anterior Herniated Lumbar Disc

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    Default Re: Anyone Heard of an Anterior Herniated Lumbar Disc

    Thank you, Tony.

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