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    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: DC

    Of course its the weekend so I won't have any of the lawyer to talk to till next week so I will toss this one out for the big guns here.

    We butt heads with IC/ER so we go to informal conference and get decision in my favor,

    IC/ER doesn't like the decision so they file for formal conference and we don't like the decision, so we appeal

    8 months later appeal comes back in my favor and today I get a notice in the mail from the ER/IC lawyer stateing the following....

    " We the ER/IC seek review by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals of the decision or order of Department of Employment Services compensation review board entered on the xxth day of March 2012"

    Is this just another appeal over the same issue? Any insight would be helpful.

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    yes. it's the next level.
    the court of appeal does not have to accept the case.
    if they don't, the decision stands.

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