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    Default Should Medical be Left Open

    Been awhile since I have been on. Finally got my letter, after 4 1/2 years, stating a 71% whole body impairment. My doctor suggested to WC that my medical should be left open. What does all that mean to me, my family, and my future? Will I get some kind of payments from WC?

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    workers comp insurance includes a number of different benefits. Once you have reached maximum medical improvement you may be entitled to permanent disability payments.

    If the injury results in a permanent impairment, such as the amputation of a finger or loss of use of the shoulder, you will be paid permanent partial disability benefits after being released to return to work. If your impairment has affected your pre-injury wages, you may be entitled to wage loss.

    more here:

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    Thanks .sh, my doctor has stated that I have reached mmi. I was burned 60% of my body and still have nerve, muscle, and internal organ issues. Just trying to feel out where to go from here.

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