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    Default "Typical" of a Bwc Psychological Evaluation

    I'm going through a BWC claim that started in 2010 when I fell and landed on an arm and 3 surgeries later, it's not right. I developed depression over the incident and it brought back a lot of PTSD issues I had stored away over the years. I've been in Public Safety for 20 something years. My Attorney set up an appointment with a Psychologist, who I saw 4-5 times and he did an Evaluation to allow for some Psychological conditions. Either BWC or my employer, I can't tell which, set up an appointment to counter the allowance.

    I arrived at an office that was completely empty, dirty, waiting room with mismatched chairs and I was led to an examination room and given a 350 question test. The examination room looked like a High School Drama club had thrown together something to "look" like a Doctor's Office. As I was doing the test, the "receptionist" walked in, knocked over a tray containing wooden tongue depressors, the plastic thing you put into someone's ear, and the rubber reflex hammer, on the floor. She laughed and said "I feel sorry for whoever gets those things put in their mouth." She wasn't kidding, she put them right back into a kidney shaped plastic dish. She interrupted me 2-3 times to see if I was done.

    The Psychologist, who has an office about 2 hours away, arrived a bit late, and then led me into another room to speak with me, that also looked like a High School Drama club had thrown together. He sat in the big, high plush chair and he motioned me to sit in a worn-out metal chair that looked stolen from Little Sisters Of the Poor after Bingo Night. The Psychologist then launched into a sermon about bad Psychologists, inquired into who I had seen previously, and then told me I had seen "not a very good one (Psychologist)." His tone started out Father Knows Best and ended derrogatory. He asked loaded questions, changed words in my reply, asked repeatedly, "would it be fair to say..." to change meaning, again made negative remarks about my psychologist, asked me repeatedly about beating my wife, alcohol use, illegal drug use, how people in my profession are argumentative, tried again the "would it be fair to say..." approach to answers. When it was over, I was fairly upset. I didn't blow up, just got home and tried to forget the matter but can't.

    I don't know if Dr. No was trying to provoke an angry outburst to disprove a claim or show by not having an angry outburst also disproved a claim. I understand someone is paying him to disprove a Condition, but aren't there guidelines and boundaries with this sort of thing?

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    Default Re: "Typical" of a Bwc Psychological Evaluation

    Unfortunately it does sound like what you went through is the "norm" if you were seeing a doctor scheduled by the BWC or the employer. Those doctors are paid by the State/employer to examine you - and may not be re-used if his/her reports are not favorable to the State/employer. These doctors are also normally paid per exam, rather than per hour, so the more exams they can get through the more profitable they are. Also, the doctor is not actually providing any treatment - which could explain the odd surroundings as this could have been an office rented out to doctors solely for these BWC exams.

    However, in your post you stated YOUR attorney sent you to this doctor. I would hope that this was a confusion and maybe your attorney was just notifying you of the exam set by the State/employer? I would definitely contact your attorney and clarify who this doctor was and who sent you to him. If your attorney sent you to this doctor (either for an exam or for treatment) and you are not comfortable with him I would ask if you could see a different doctor.
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    Default Re: "Typical" of a Bwc Psychological Evaluation

    So is his name Tosi, or Murphy?

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    Default Re: "Typical" of a Bwc Psychological Evaluation

    Murphy was last week. I think they are settling in to the Dayton Area.

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    Default Re: "Typical" of a Bwc Psychological Evaluation

    I have to agree that the psych evals by the independent psychologist is a joke. The guy I was required to see made no effort to ask me about why I asked for help at all. Everything was "you drink too much and your doctors aren't correct". I don't have his review yet but no matter what it says I feel its a waste of time to see these guys. The place was disgusting, staff was odd and doctor was not sincere or professional.

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