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    Question How Long Does it Take for Payments to Start Again

    How long does it take to start receiving workers comp payment again?
    The last time I was out was for 6 months.

    Quick run down: Fell on the job, damaged my knee, tear meniscus on July 2010. ( changed to new doc, because old doc said I didn't need surgery. He was wrong!! Pain got worse and other knee was sore from shift of weight. Removed from work in Aug. 2011 ) Had arthroscopic surgery and chondroplasty Oct. 2011, also had a shot of syndics. Went back to work in feb of this year. Second day on the job, knee was swelling up. As days passed on, swelling and pain. Lunch time was dedicated to icing knee and aleve. During the month of March had a hearing, which my lawyer informed the judge and the insurance company that my doctor had did a check up and I failed the McMurray test which a MRI was requested and granted at the hearing. HAd the MRI done and it revealed that I have a Grade 3 Chondromalacia of the medial facet patellar ( bone on bone action in the knee due to severe thinning of cartilage). Started to lose balance. Was removed from work due to lost of balance, painful swelling, sharp stabbing pain and weakened leg muscles. Doc told me to look forward to having a knee cap partial replacement. Been out of work for 2 weeks and have an upcoming appt. with specialist.

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    I am from N.Y. and usually when you return to work and then come back out again the carrier will send you for an ime before they start payments again, do you have an attorney.

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    Yes I do! But at my hearing the insurance carrier denied the IME in front of the judge and granted authorization for the MRI.

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