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    Default May 2011 Rotar Cuff Injury, Surgery, Now MMI What is to Go on Now

    I have a May 2011 rotator cuff injury which I had surgery for, and now 6 months out I went for FCE which reulted in 110* range/15lbs overhead, and 73 lbs floor to waist perminant restriction. Docter signed me out with a MMI. My employer is a faction of the State of Illinois governorment which means I work for the tax payers, and have the SURs retirement/disability along with a second long term disability insurance. My employer is completely aware of what happened along with the State Police report, and vidio of the accident. Nice there are people around always, and cameras everywhere in State buildings. They have made their insurance pay all my bills, pay me to be off, and cover all my PT. But they have said I need to be 100% or I am not employed, and I am no where near that so what advice does anyone have for me dealing with a Workers Comp Insurance company, State employee benefits, secondary long term disability insurance, and having a MMI rating as listed.
    Thank you for advice.

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    Default Re: May 2011 Rotar Cuff Injury, Surgery, Now MMI What is to Go on Now

    it is illegal to require full release before re-employment.
    Federal ADA law requires a discussion about reasonable accommodation.
    more on ADA here

    more about class action lawsuits here:
    and here:

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