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    Default Terminated After Two IME's

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Oregon
    I was in a fatal head on collision in June, I was in a work vehicle coming back from lunch other driver due to cell phone came into my lane.. I was very lucky so I thought but, now my life has gone to shit. I now have post tramatic stress disorder, and a lot of pain in neck, and shoulder area. All mri showed was bulge at c3 c4. but neither the ptsd or neck have been accepted for omited condition. Doctor released me back to work BUT with the restriction of not returning to former job due to triggers and basically they have made my life hell including calling me a murder trying to get me to quit... So I just filed for unemployment and just recieved in mail a letter that workers comp scheduled me back to back ime same day and same office one with a Neurosurgeon and one with a Psychiatry. So ya I am really not sure what to think, are they trying to **** me over or just not pay me?? I don't care much about the money but I CAN NOT live like this. I have had depression in the past are they going to try and say PTSD is a prior condition or try and say I don't have it?? I really am worried that they will have some bs report and I really don't have much fight left in me. At what point can I stop them due to making my life worse, right now I am hanging on by a thread, should I worry if I am not lying about condition? Or do I really need to defend myself and prove I have a condition that I don't even want to have????? Any advice would be great, or any ideas of what they are up to would be great, I know they try to bully workers out of there coverage, and sadly to say they have just about won this one just due to I can't take much more stress, wasn't my fault and yet I get the shaft!!!!

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    Default Re: Oregon- 2 Imes and Terminated

    often times denied treatment will be provided for by regular health insurance.
    you can obtain legal representation to handle your claims issues.
    workers comp is voluntary; you can abandon your claim at any time.
    you need to get professional counseling.

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