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    Default Workplace Injury Resulting in Disability, Major Surgeries

    Hey yall,

    So, to keep it simple. Injured in Ak... Been over one year off work. Had major surgeries, including "Total disc Replacement" or ADR... Had several minor opp's, and several epidurals.

    I'm now 3 months out from ADR operation.

    The docs do not see any return to work in the immediate future.

    First thing is this, I had one case manager and she quit 1 month in, then I had a nurse and new manager, nurse quit (never replaced) and the case manager was fired 3 months in, then I got a guy out of state assigned, he was on a couple months, then I got a new one here, she was on thru the opp's and she left, now I have a new lady, she's very young, very frazzled and over whelmed, things like 10 minutes in conversation before realizing she's on the wrong file talking to me about someone elseís case before I said WTF? What are you talking about, and she says "Oh, wrong case sorry, let me get your file".. Just several things like that. It has me very concerned. She quite obviously has no direction, and very obv has no clue what she's dealing with. I'm very worried about this... She said she needs to get me in a work training program and I said "Heck I havenít even had my first physical therapy session for post opp because they have to wait a set time before they allow pressure on that new prosthetic disc, she says "Oh, ok well we better put that on hold then"... Yea NO CRAP!

    I think I need an attorney, my docs tell me they do not believe I'll ever gain back the functionality I had pre-injury, and I still have two more herniated disc above and below that will have to be addressed assuming they dont just heal up as result of fixing the worst one. Thats hoping for hope, but not likely, just something the docs wanted to see if it would happen, and if not then address... And now I've got this lady as a manager...

    The problem is I cant get a dang lawyer... Why is that? Seems crazy, I mean there is no lawyer in Anchorage who will rep me at all, I've offered to pay, and they say no... I get told "When work comp does something wrong or refuses something that we think we could win in a case then come see us"... I just need someone on my side to answer questions and help me with the parts I am not at all qualified to deal with. I'm not a work comp lawyer, and I'm not qualified to navigate this alone.

    Yet I flat cant get lawyer at all. Seems nuts.

    I'm not a moocher, this is no scam obviously I have a real injury, a severe injury with one of the most complex surgeries you can have to you back that exists... So what the heck?

    Can anyone tell me anything or help me figure this out?

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    Default Re: Crazy Administration - Complicated Case, Need Help

    Can anyone tell me anything or help me figure this out?
    You're in one of the worst states in the union when it comes to comp thanks to the likes of Palin and her gang of pirates.
    As long as you're being paid and they're taking care of your medical, don't worry about it.
    When a problem does arise, an attorney will then take your case.

    Here's a few links that may enlighten you to your plight.

    Good Luck
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    Default Re: Crazy Administration - Complicated Case, Need Help

    Christopher Beltzer is a good Wormans Comp attorney in Anchorage. until your benefits are controverted, don't worry. Penny with the State of Alaska is a great resource for information on the ins and outs of a claim. Good luck!

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