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    Default Portland Physicians Who Are Certified to Perform PPI Ratings

    Is there a place I can find a list of reputable Orthopedic physicians that perform impairment ratings?

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    Default Re: Portland Physicians Who Are Certified to Perform Ppi Ratings

    You have three qualifiers there...
    "reputable" and
    Impairment ratings...not all three are apt to be in the same office...

    Why are you looking for a Dr in Oregon when your claim/jurisdiction is in Alaska?

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    Default Re: Portland Physicians Who Are Certified to Perform Ppi Ratings

    LOL...I know this is to late to "Oregon Doctors for Sale."...and see what comes might help determine what Doctors not to use. Try and find out where the Doctors majority of income comes from. If 95% of the Doctors income comes from WC insurance companies..... well there is your would be hard to "bite the hand that feeds ya". My wc actually sent me to Oregon for IME exam. The Doctor "bad doctor", and I use the word "doctor loosly", was extremly unprofessional, and bad mouthed the 7 doctors who have treated and operated on me.... which upset me the most, because i appreciate all they have done for me. However the other Doctor that WC ins. sent me to, was very honest. The difference? the first Doctors income, is solely from Insurance companies, and the good doctor still treated patients, and his income was not mainly from insurance companies. Unfortunately "money trumps all"...however some of the Doctors that do these exams, should not be put in the same category as the greedy, unethical docs! Also....take someone with you, and have them take notes!

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