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    Default Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Covered Under Workers Comp

    We have been told that WC does not have to cover carpal tunnel anymore, is this true? My husband has developed the symptoms due to his work. But he is afraid to mention it to company because those that use WC get fired or pushed to quit and we can't afford him to lose his job. An Attorney told us that it is very iffy if WC will cover Carpal tunnel.

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    Default Re: Is Carpal Tunnel Still Covered Under Wc, Was Told Laws Have Changed This

    missouri is not a worker friendly state.
    there is no list of diagnosis/conditions that are covered and not covered.
    determinations are based on the quality of medical evidence.
    more information here:

    In order for an occupational disease to be covered under the workers’ compensation law, the employee must prove that work was the prevailing factor in causing both the medical condition and disability resulting from the claimed occupational disease.

    Common examples of occupational diseases recognized by Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law are:

    Injuries caused by repetitive motion. Examples include, but are not limited to carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger and epicondylitis.
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