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    Default Shoulder Still Injured Being Forced Back to Work

    Was injured at work two months ago, been working light duty since. Just got a letter saying that I'm released back to full duty. The catch? My dr. hasnt seen me since the first week in June and when he did he never even looked at my injured shoulder, never did any type of manipulation, test of strength nothing. He told me "we'd just have to see" and had no more PT or other appt. to see him. As of the 23 of July he somehow determined that I'm fit for regular duty. I still have the same pain and limitaions of movement after two months of light duty I dont understand how its possible for me to get better working reg duties when being on LD didn't heal it up. Apparently because they claim that nothing shows on the MRI or x-rays there is nothing there.
    My employer also has been staying busy writing me up for everything and anything no matter how petty. I get the impression that they are trying to fire me.

    Help! I just want to get back to were I was before I was hurt at work and do care for my residents. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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    Default Re: Shoulder Still Injured Being Forced Back to Work

    It does not take a crystal ball to see that you are going to end up with a more serious injury overtime if you continue to use your injured shoulder at work. The pain is telling you you can't do that work right now. You need a different treating physician.

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    Default Re: Shoulder Still Injured Being Forced Back to Work

    ask to change doctors or for a second opinion.

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