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    Unhappy Injured with an Uninsured Company in Nd then Turned Over to WC

    I was recently injured in July filled out a injury report and went to emergency room. At the time of the injury I was informed that my company had insurance and I would be covered under there insurance. I asked my supervisor if I needed to contact WC because I knew this was state policy and he told me not to and that they already did. Well the first few days I was given the run around for my follow up it seems my company could not provide me with Insurance information to have a follow up and each medical facility I went to requested such. We a couple days later I was informed I was covered under the companies insurance (Travelers Insurance) and was approved for 12 sessions of physical therapy, Dr.s visits and an MRI. Three weeks into this cycle and just a day before receiving my first lost wage check I get a phone call from travelers Insurance stating that I was dropped because they don't cover the state of North Dakota and that everything was being turned over to ND WC. I did however to my benefit, contact WC a couple days later of my injury because something just didn't feel right to me. Well a few days after my companies denied me I get a letter from ND WC stating that they got my claim and that the company (out of state company) was not registered with ND as carrying Insurance. WC did take my case and I am going on 5 weeks with my case pending. Well I was on work release for a couple days I was harassed with comments like, "I will be investigated for this", "This DR's Restriction is stupid, your hard hat weights 5lbs.", "You better not be caught carrying your bible cause I know it weighs more than 5 lbs." and " If I hear you complain about pain in any way at all I will take you to the hospital if I have to all day." I was sent to the six floor to do outlets and was told that the outlets would be brought right up to me, well for eight hours I climbed up and down the 6 flight of stairs breaking my restriction asking repeatably where the plates where so I can do the outlets and for eight hours nothing was ever brought to me. I waited and waited and talked with a fellow employee why they weren't bringing me anything up and he stated he didn't know but that I better find something to do or I would get fired for standing around. So I found something to do for the eight hours. The following day I told my Dr and therapist what took place and my DR took me off of work because they weren't following her restrictions. Well yesterday I found out, on trying to resolve this matter, that the injury was never reported to the General contractor, "Which was required" but kept hush hush. Thank God I kept every document from the denial letter to the letter from WC stating my company was not insured in ND and also stated that they violated two state codes. I kept the accident report and everything else I received. I documented every statement made with dates and times. At this point I am not guaranteed anything, I was injured in 2004 and WC is trying to determine if this is a re- injury or an new injury. All in all I have been harassed, lied to, work restrictions were not followed, and everything else you can think of. This is a very large company that has around 3000 employees, and it surprises me that this has been allowed to happen. I still have not received any benefits, the one check I did receive was told to rip it up, my house came in for-closure, our elec and phone are near disconnect and we ran out of propane. I just don't know what to do, a lot of laws have been violated and it seems like it is going no where I just don't know what to do. Any ideas out there, believe me there is a lot more things I can share but just wanted to try and summarize it as quickly as I can.

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    Default Re: Injured with an Uninsured Company in Nd then Turned Over to WC

    Just the one thread here in ND board is enough... WC is state specific.

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