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    Default Getting Unemployment Insurance After Worker's Comp Runs Out

    Hello all who reads this. Maybe someone here can answer my question ? My attorney told me I could go look for work because we live in a democracy and I was wondering if I could apply for Unemployment although I have not worked for 4 years due to injury and my job did not allow me to work with any limitations and I had been with company for 10 years before injury? A little history I was declared P & S in may by PTP this year but QME disagrees.... waiting on report to confirm he is going to say that on report. I had a MSC on Monday with no report once again by QME so of course now pending to see if I/C will dispute report I have another question now ... My lawyer said if QME states not P&S that they will depose doctor and once again if they disagree with whatever he has to say they will send me to IME Is this a process just to find me a doctor to rate me and close this case ? Thanks ahead for your relplies

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    Default Re: UI Help

    you can apply for unemployment any time.
    whether your claim will accepted depends on if you meet their qualifications.
    since there is disputed medical as to whether you are disabled or not they could file a lein against your claim.
    generally though you have to have recent contributions to your UI account in order to draw benefits.
    you best source of information on UI is their website or contact them directly.

    they will likely not pay if you are also receiving temporary disability.

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    Default Re: UI Help

    they will send me to IME Is this a process just to find me a doctor to rate me and close this case ?
    Calif does not use IME's to perform medical/legal evauations in the stage your claim is in.

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    Default Re: UI Help

    thank u I will try to get a hold of EDD I have not received any PDA's yet but lawyer has requested them to do so

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