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    Post Who Are You Allowed to Sue After Injury at Work

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: mn

    Got hurt on the job from a machine that was fixed by a man from a company. The machine is somthing that my work place use everyday. My lawyer said (wc lawyer) we just gonna sue them if they don't wanna approve any more appointments. My question is who is he gonna sue? And sue for what? Evey time I ask my lawyer certin question he seems to avoid the question. Should I get another lawyer? Because really what is he doing? I can just find stuff that he already did for me on the net and in the libary. thanks very much.

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    Default Re: Who to Sue 3rd Party or Workerscomp

    When you litigate a go to WC court... file for a hearing... somewhat like "suing" get a judge to order benefits due.

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    I expect that the lawyer is talking about a third party negligence suit against the company that maintained the machine, assuming that there was a problem with the machine or its maintenance that was the proximate cause of your injury.

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