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    Confused again -

    After waiting 2 months for motion hearing on $2000 advance my attorney cancelled the hearing because carrier wrote him that they would go ahead and pay the advance. He said he couldn't force them to go to the hearing once they agreed to pay.

    This was the day before the hearing and he said if they don't pay he can file a motion to make them which seems to me to give them another 2 months to delay.

    I do not understand why we didn't just have the telephonic hearing at my attorneys office instead of giving the carrier the opportunity to continue their delay.

    Does this make sense to anyone? I know he couldn't "force" the carrier to attend hearing but why not have the hearing and let the judge rule in my favor and give carrier week or to to pay? No other issues were involved and I have a mediation soon on other issues.


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    Your attorney needs to call the carrier and see if the check has been issued. Ask him if he got an agreement from them on a time frame for the issuance of the check. If not then you need to have a discussion with him about who he is actually representing.

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    My attorney made sense of this. If we went ahead with hearing it would sort of bug the judge since carrier agreed in writing and he said carrier will almost certainly pay as it would bother the judge even more if they didn't pay after agreeing to.

    I have read this advice here before and agree- ask your lawyer what's up if something doesn't make sense. If you don't get a decent answer or no answer consider another lawyer, but ask.

    I have become sort of paranoid because you don't know who mite be after what but I feel the wrong thing to do is start your own conspiracy theories cause they can get out of hand.

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