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    Default Denied Worker's Comp but in Need of Surgery

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: New Hampshire
    I got a injury at work and was diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel, bilateral cubital tunnel and bilateral de qveraines tendonitis. Wokers compensation denied me right off, i got an attorney (that doesnt seem to be doing much), he made a claim, to MA....i dont live in Ma nor work there, so there is a delay. Anyway after about 6 weeks of therapy and custom splints i has ordered an EMG( not fun).. The results came back 2 wks later and dr says i need surgery to fix the injury or it could get worse and cause other issues. I am on work restrictions: no lifting over 8lb, no vibratory activiteis,no reaching, no climbing, occasional fine motor skills, and must wear braces at night and during activ. I have not worked since my injury 7/29/12, the whole time i was waiting for the denial ( part of there process i guess)my employer had no work for me to do with my restrictions. The day i recieved notice of the denial i get a call from my employer telling me that workers comp is pushing for me to go back to work and she could offer me 3 hours a week. I told her that i can do more then 3 hours jsut have to abide the restrictions aswell but that i also needed more then 3 hours ( cost more in gas to get there then what i would make,really). She was supposed to call me back to let me know what she has and i havnt heard anything for over 3 weeks,i have left numerous messages for her. I dont know what to do, i am being evicted from my apartment cause one income just isnt doing it with a toddler and other expenses, i cant seem to get help anywhere for rent. I have contacted my attorney and all he seems to beable to tell me is that he filed for a hearing date. Anyone have any suggestions on wht i should do. I mean with my restrictions that i have im not going to beable to find another job, the dr wont change my restrictions until surgery os completed, its is unknow yet if there is permanent damage untiil surgery? What do i do, i am about to loose EVERYTHING and this pain is no fun. Not to mention the $$$$$ so far for medical bills

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    Default Re: Denied Wc, Need Surgery, No Income,

    contact your union they often have emergency funds for members in trouble.
    your church can provide temporary help and have contacts within the community for longer term aid.
    many times fraternal organizations like elks, moose, lions, kiwanna have community outreach programs for those that need a helping hand.
    most communities have extensive programs and agencies. these are often listed in the front pages of your phone directory. call and contact everyone you can think of.

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    Default Re: Denied Wc, Need Surgery, No Income,

    When your ER gives you only 3 hours their IC (insurance) is supposed to make up the difference. So you'd be getting 1 check for 3 hours from the ER and another in the mail, usually, from the IC.

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