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    Default Injury in 2010, Still Having Complications

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Washington.

    Hello, I am new to the forums here. in January of 2010 I injured my back on the job while working as a contractor for a Cable company in Wenatchee, Wa. It was a lower back injury that dropped me to my knees, I was in agonizing pain the entire day and went to the emergency room that evening, The doctor in the E.R. sent me on my way with a Prescription of Oxycodone and Ativan, I was not X-rayed or offered and MRI, he refereed me to an what im assuming was an L&I doctor for a follow up, I was put on light duty at work for a month which meant all i could do was drive my van to the job site and I was able to have a helper with me to do all the work while I trained them. I followed up with the second doctor for 4 straight weeks and told him I was still experiencing pain and he switched me to a few different non narcotic drugs and none of them worked very well, I was never offered an Xray or an MRI. he discharged me when my pain receded to a somewhat manageable level, I knew the oxycodone worked the best but I didnt tell him because I fit the profile for "drug seekers" (mid 20's male)so i just kept taking what he gave me. so now it is November of 2012 and the last 6-8 months the pain i had from the original injury is back with a vengeance and how has developed into some kind of sciatic nerve damage. i am 100 percent sure it is related to this because i have not done anything at all stressful on my back to re injure it. Does anyone have any advice for me on what steps to take to get some kind of medial treatment, am i able to get any kind of assistance from a past injury. another thing is that i now live in north carolina.

    thank you in advance i hope someone has some advice for me, the pain is becoming so bad i can not function normally for a man my age.

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    Default Re: Injury in 2010 Still Having Complications

    you'll need persuasive medical evidence to re-open your old claim with the employer.
    you can use your current health care it the doctors can't connect the current problems to the jan 2010 injury.

    it really depends on what the doctors say; comp is not going to take your word that they are directly related.

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    Default Re: Injury in 2010 Still Having Complications

    Hello, I would if I were you Sir I would contact your local workers comp where you are, since in most cases you get lifetime benefits for whatever the original claim accepted say the original claim the w/comp in washington hopefully you kept some of your paperwork if not WA can send your final results I dont know if you appealed or had a CCH, example my injury was in 2010 I finally lost my appeal a few months ago the w\comp only accepted a sprain/strain so lifetime for a sprain strain wld mean I will get reasonable and medically necessary care lifetime which basically means Possible Pt or seeing wcomp md for rx's, they wont pay for meds but at least I an get my vicodins or something, so since I do need surgery I am having to pay

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    Default Re: Injury in 2010 Still Having Complications

    As you have relocated, and presumably work for a new employer, you'd file a claim there. Doubt this will go back to WA and your former ER. They will claim you have suffered a new injury where the current ER is liable.

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