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    Default Herniated Disc but No Nerve Impingement

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Maine

    I hurt my back at work back earlier this year picking a tool up at work. I couldn't stand up, walk, bend, twist or pretty much move for almost a week after it happened. I had a herniated disc prior to this accident however, I had a neurosurgeon say he thought it appeared larger but, was hard to tell due to different hospitals doing them. I have reinjured it two more times since then with pretty much the same results. I have constant lower back and leg pain which my primary believes is due to the nerve by my herniated disc. I just received the weirdest IME. The doctor did it in a doctor's office that wasn't his, on a day that was closed, and to no big surprise was missing reports from the neurosurgeon I saw and didn't feel like it had anything to do with that but, rather bone and muscle. Oddly enough I've done physical therapy for almost eight months and had injections in my back for the pain. Little improvement. I would assume the denial letter will be in the mail, anyone else ever go through this or had to deal with a problem with nerve pain that couldn't be obviously shown to prove it?

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    Default Re: Herniated Disc but No Nerve Impingement

    The disk that is herniated would cause nerve pain in a specific area. A certain disk causes pain down the front of the left chin for example. Do so research on line about the spine and nerves and you will see which area of your body, your herniated disk would effect, cause pain in, if it was empenging on the nerve. I have had several IME, all from a very good surgeon, but he never once had anything more than my doctors report, no xrays or MRI were ever sent to him. I started taking my films, and cd disk of all mri's and xrays and having him look at them with me to see what he was seeing. Not sure about your state, but usually the only medical opinion that really carries much weight in court is your PR. Since the IME didnt even have a chance to see the films on your disk he is simply guessing, or going by what your doctor has said. If they deny treatment, and if you have had therapy, and spinal injections, it appears they have not, that is the normal course of cure for such an injury, and surgery is only considered after these fail. You should probably be interviewing attorneys, even though it appears they are not denying anything yet, a IME report that goes against your doctors findings is a red flag that they are going to start trying to play claims and save money on your claim.

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