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    Default How Long After the FCE Should It Take to Receive a PPI Rating

    I had my functional capacity exam last week and my final doctor's appointment yesterday. I have been put on permanent work restrictions due to a lower back injury (diagnosed with moderate degenerative disc disease) that include, Push / Pull restrictions of 106 / 101 lbs.; lifting or carrying up to 45 lbs.; limited over head lifting of no more than 35 lbs.; In terms of an 8 hr work day I have restrictions that include only occasionally (1% - 33%) squatting and climbing and a Not at All restriction on bending and twisting. The doctor stated that I'd have to find a different line of work. I contacted the insurance adjustor and he said it could take up to two weeks to get a rating (I don't see how that's possible; the doctor already has all of the info. on file). I also asked about vocational rehabilitation and the insurance adjustor said they are "not directly involved in voc-rehab". I asked him who was but he didn't answer...

    P.S. I do not have an attorney at this time. I have handled everything up until now by myself. I've come this far without needing one and I feel that it would be a waste to obtain one now after all of this time and have to pay out 10-20%.

    I appreciate any info given, thank you.

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    Default Re: How Long After the FCE Should It Take to Receive a Ppi Rating

    Given it's the holiday season and how busy most comp doctors are, I'd say two weeks is on the low side.

    If you want some voc rehab, you can either have the insurance pay for it, or when you settle, make sure and get about $2500 more that. Either way, the adjuster knows about it. If they aren't willing to deal, threaten hiring an attorney.

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    Default Re: How Long After the FCE Should It Take to Receive a Ppi Rating

    The doctor finally gave the rating just the other day. $2,500 seems low for vocational rehab considering the fact that the employee is entitled to continue to receive the equivalent of TTD benefits while enrolled and in good faith while in vocational rehab.

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