My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Arkansas. I was injured at work on 8/1/2012. I was diagnosed with a lumbar injury. I am seeing a neurosurgeon and have had 2 ESIs. I have had 12 sessions of P/T all before I had x-ray and MRI 2 months after the injury. Therapists says they believe my problem is my SI joint. I go next week to get my SI injection (even though there has not been an MRI done of hip/pelvis). I went to the Emergency Room 2 weeks ago because of the severity of the pain I was in. They wrote on discharge papers to follow up that week with my neuro. I called my NCM and the doctors office to tell them I needed a follow up apt. Did not get one because neuro office said had to get approval from WC to make an apt. So just this weekend I told my employer that I was in severe pain and felt as if I needed immediate medical attention. She sent me to the "clinic" I was sent to on the first day of my injury. They gave me a shot for pain (which did not work) and told me to follow up with my neuro. I called my NCM again and told her I have got to see my doctor. She seemed more worried about the fact I have an attorney then getting me in to see a doctor. I called in to work the last two days because the pain I am in keeps me from being able to get comfortable no matter what position I am in, sitting, standing, laying down one is as bad as the next.The doctor I saw on Saturday changed up my restrictions, but offered no insight as to why I am hurting so freaking bad. needless to say my neuro is not seeing patients this week due to the holidays. However I am in so much pain right now I could SCREAM. Any suggestions? How can DR. not be seeing patients for a week without having someone there to take his place? And I requested an apt for an evaluation over 2 weeks ago, come on people really?!?!